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Our home store since 2002 for memorial flower jewelry

 We  handmake memorial flower bead jewelry and pet memorial jewelry located just north of Charlotte, NC in Concord, NC.   We are so glad that you have found us and you will be too!  Our memory flower beads and pet-memorial jewelry pieces are just beautiful and can be such a great gift for anyone wanting to preserve their flower petals from a special day, wedding bouquets and other events.  Your flowers are made into beads and by preserving your flower petals into flower jewelry is something that you can cherish. Flower petals that are made into jewelry can be so much better than the traditional ways of preserving dryed flowers that collect dust. The occasions flowers can be preserved by our flower bead jewelry service.   Your special day flowers and their petals turn into special real flower jewelry keepsakes that you can wear and use on a daily basis. 

Flower bead pendent

Funeral Memorial Jewelry products for family members and pets

 Funeral Flowers:  Our flower petal beads serve as a grand reminder of memorial for those loved ones who have passed away. For example, some of our customers have chosen to have made family rosaries or prayer beads from their loved ones flowers.  We have many flower jewelry ideas for you to choose from to wear or use. Our process is easy, professional, and has extreme customer satisfaction.  They are a forever keepsake and they make great gifts for every piece is one of a kind. 

Memorial Flower Bracelet

Some of past accolades


We have been published in many magazines in the United States, published in other media nationally and internationally published for our designs in the wedding industry.

Here are some of our past jewelry accolades : The 32nd Annual College and Television Emmys gift suite in Hollywood CA for 2011, Miss North Carolina -Kristin Dalton now Miss USA 2009 Sponsor of her jewelry, Designed for Carolina Panthers Team Store, Speedway Club- Charlotte Motor Speedway, Sunset River 

Marketplace, Beth Sherree's Boutique, Best Acupuncture & Yoga Studio, Ashyln's Boutique, Stimulator rock band, Robin Roberts of Good Morning America- Katrina Relief, Wedding Knot Mixer, and an array of Boutiques across the United States and hopefully for you too!

We are also documented with many pieces of our jewelry in the Smithsonian Natural Archives Museum in Washington, D.C. 

Designed Jewelry and production for these charities:  Hospice, Human Society, Alzheimer's Walk, Habitat for Humanity / Woman's build, 21 designs for Down Syndrome.

We are a family owned business and treat our customers the best that we can. Many become repeat customers because of our special attention to detail and for the simple fact that we listen to them.

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Wedding wire choice couple award

We are the recipients of this award several years running

 WeddingWire Couples' Choice Awards® recipients represent the top five percent of wedding professionals within the WeddingWire Network who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism. Unlike other awards in which winners are selected by the organization, winners of this award are detemined by recent reviews and extensive surveys from over a million WeddingWire newlywed

Sterling Silver Flower Beaded Bracelet

Some More Testimonials


  • Ashley "The ladies at the Bead Lady made me beautiful jewelry for my wedding party and myself. The pieces they made are gorgeous! Most amazing customer service and they make you feel like family. I cannot wait to see what comes from my ceremony flowers when she makes my flower beads. Its such a unique creative service! I am hooked now and will be a long time customer.

    Sabrina "Ever wondered what to do with your bouquet after the ceremony?? Turn it in to jewelry! My coordinator told me about the bead lady and showed me a necklace she had made. She took my bouquet to her and a month or so later, it is now a beaded necklace and earrings! It is a very unique way to save your bouquet as a keepsake! They did a wonderful job and I was happy with the final product"

Kim "My mother passed away the first of last month.  My sister's Sunday school teacher and his wife gave my 3 sisters and I beautiful bracelets that you made out of the flowers from her funeral.  And you made our Dad a matching key chain.  You will never know how much we will always cherish these bracelets.  Your work is wonderful"


Paulette  "I would like to say that your work is beautiful! My brother passed in January and my niece brought me to your beautiful place of business with flowers from his service. You took those flowers and made beads for us to cherish his memory forever. Your services go beyond weddings and everyday. This is a wonderful way to remember a loved one. Thank you so much! Paulette Bost Bobich Canton, Georgia (Formerly from Concord)

  • Emily Thanks so much to Kathleen for the beautiful flower beads. I was able to put together and make this beautiful bangle for a necklace!

Flower Beaded Chain Rosary

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Service provided to all fifty states and the process is customer easy! 

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