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Ordering your one of kind Memorial Flower Jewelry

 Thank you for considering us during this time of national crisis.  To contact us directly please call our store and leave a message or call us directly at 704 706 7503.  We have closed our physical store at this time to help with the curve with Covid 19 and will produce our products from our fully functioning home studio. We appreciate all of our customers for it is our customers that support this family and keep the lights on for us.  May God bless us all and thank you for your support.

Our mailing address at this time will be Kathleen or Justin Reeder @ PO Box 1997, Concord, NC 28026

  • PLEASE READ!  PLEASE include your name, phone number, and address on the flowers you send to us so we know who you are and to able to get in touch with you to start your order. 

Please call us if you are inquiring about our memorial pet jewelry, pet memorial jewelry

Our flower bead process can be accomplished with either your fresh or your already dried flowers.

I'm Local

You may bring your flowers by the shop (1 Union Street N, Concord NC 28025) immediately following the service or enjoy them and bring them by once they begin to wilt.  PLEASE do NOT put your flowers in any plastic or in the freezer.  They can't breathe and it causes them to mold.  Once they mold, we cannot use them.

I'm From Out of Town:

This process is simple and must be followed: 

Fold a paper towel into fourths and put the petals of each different flower into these folds.  No stems please.  Tape the paper towel so that the ends close up and keep the flower petals in the paper towel.  You need just enough tape to tape the ends.  You do not need to tape the whole thing. The trick is that the flowers need to breath in order to start drying out during shipping.  Place the paper towels containing your flowers into an unpadded paper manila envelope or cardboard box.  The post office does offer flat rate shipping with box.  Do NOT put them in any plastic wraps or bags for they will begin to mold and become unusable.  Use newspaper if you need to fill up space in the box.  We do not want them to mildew in shipping and plastic does not allow air to flow. Again, please be sure to include your name, address and phone number in your package.

 Attention!  We ship USPS and require a signature confirmation to be collected by the postal delivery person or post office.

How do you make the flower beads?

 Flower Beads are hand‐rolled.  I roll EACH bead in the palm of my hand.  Over the past years, I have  mastered my own technique when it comes to preserving flowers into jewelry. I combine your flowers  with a bonding agent in order to make the bead.  Once the beads are rolled, I double glaze them in order  to seal them.  

What color will my beads be? 

Your flower beads will be about a shade darker than the flowers you brought in.  Due to the nature of  some flowers, if they’re dyed (some florists dye the flowers to make them brighter or to achieve the  color you’re wanting) or if they naturally do not hold their color will all play a factor in the color of your  beads.  I guarantee they will be beautiful. 

 How do I care for my flower bead jewelry?

 You need to treat your flower beads like fine jewelry.  They are a handmade item made from organic  materials.  Never dip in a solution or immerse your flower bead jewelry in water.  Spray perfumes,  hairsprays and all other body care items on BEFORE putting your flower bead jewelry on.  Do not leave  your flower bead jewelry in direct sunlight.

**Please understand that flower beads are not perfect. They are professionally handmade. A lot of  love and labor goes into this process and we feel that they are perfectly imperfect. 

Any questions please call us at 704-782-5699

Thank you for using our service.